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A Photographic Atlas for the Identification of Connecticut's Amphibians and Reptiles


Frogs & Toads


Snakes & Lizards

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Now Available:  Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles in Connecticut, co-authored by Michael Klemens, Hank Gruner, Eric Davison and myself (Dennis Quinn). This 305 page text includes 25 years of data since the publication of Bulletin 112 in 1993, covering in detail the conservation challenges faced by Connecticut’s amphibians and reptiles.  Complete with 131 color photos, species account maps and conservation solutions for the complex challenges Connecticut’s amphibians and reptiles face, this book paves the way for the conservation of CT's amphibians and reptiles. 


All proceeds from this book go directly to the Non-harvested game fund to support the conservation of CT’s amphibians and reptiles.

For environmental consulting services please contact Dennis Quinn at:
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