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Snake Fungal Disease (SFD)

Snake Fungal Disease (SFD) is an emerging disease in the northeast. Infections have been documented in a variety of species native to Connecticut including the northern black racer, eastern rat snake, eastern milk snake, northern water snake and timber rattlesnake.  Although fatal infections have occurred in the milk snake and timber rattlesnake, the frequency of fatal infections and how infections vary among different species is currently unknown.   The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CTDEEP) is currently investigating the severity and rate of SFD occurrences in Connecticut snakes.  As part of these efforts, Connecticut timber rattlesnakes are being sampled for a regional investigation coordinated by the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island.  This study is designed to determine the prevalence of fungal dermatitis infections in New England timber rattlesnake populations.  All other Connecticut snake species are being investigated and tested locally.  It is at this local level that we ask for your help.  PLEASE report any Snake Fungal Disease cases you observe using the link to the right. 


When reporting please include the following information in the message box:


1.  Your Name

2.  A way to Contact You (Phone # and/or e-mail address)

3.  Specimen Location (Town Name, Closest Intersection, GPS Coordinates, State Forest etc.)  

4.  Any photos of the specimen (cell phone pictures are acceptable) 

5.  Condition of specimen (Live or Dead).  

6.  Any other information you feel are important. 


The photographs in the gallery below are to help you indentify the symptoms of Snake Fungal Disease.

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