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About Connecticut Herpetology


Connecticut Herpetology was produced to help guide individuals with the identification of Connecticut's amphibians and reptiles through photographic documentation of key identifying characteristics. Readers interested in learning more about the natural history, distribution and conservation challenges Connecticut's amphibians and reptiles face are encouraged to click here for additional resources. 


No occurrence data are presented on this web page and no specific location data will be released to the public. Connecticut Herpetology will not accept listed species reports; instead we encourage the public to submit these observations to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's Natural Diversity Database (NBBD) by filing a Special Animal Survey FormReports of non-native amphibians and reptiles and snake fungal disease can be made under the REPORT IT tab.


Photographs are © Dennis Quinn Photography, unless otherwise noted.  Use for educational purposes and scientific publications will be granted with prior consent.  Prints of many images are available, please contact me for pricing information. 

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