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Bog Turtle   

Glyptemys muhlenbergii



Size:                   A small sized turtle measuring 3 to 4 inches in length



Color:                 Bog turtles are brownish-black in color with a sculptured

                            carapace. The plastron is similar in color with varying

                            yellow markings along the mid-line. There is an orange

                            or yellow blotch on each side of the head.              


Behavior:          Bog turtles are highly cryptic in nature and are rarely

                            encountered.  Individuals can occasionally be seen

                            during the spring months basking prior to leaf-out.         


Habitat:             Bog turtles are restricted to large wetland complexes

                            within Connecticut’s marble valley.           


Federal Listing: Threatened

State Listing: Endangered



Commonly Confused Native Species:


  • Often Not Confused with other Species

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