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American Bullfrog   

Rana catesbeiana

Commonly Confused Native Species:




Size:                   A large frog measuring 3 to 6 inches in length.


Color:                 The dorsum is green in color with light brown blotching.

                            The venter is white with gray blotching.  It can be

                            distinguished from the green frog by its lack of dorsal

                            folds or ridges.  Adult males differ from females with

                            their yellow throats and tympanums which are twice as

                            large as their eyes.  In females the throat coloration

                            remains white and the tympanum is similar in size to

                            the eye.                  


Behavior:          When encountered they quickly retreat to the water

                            where they seek cover in vegetation or under mud,

                            remaining concealed until the threat has passed.  When

                            handled they may vocalize to express alarm and



Habitat:             Common throughout the state in more permanent water

                            bodies.  Bullfrogs are ravenous predators on other

                            amphibians causing local declines where bullfrog

                            population levels are high.     



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