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Eastern Milk Snake   

Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum



Size:                  A medium sized snake measuring 18.5 to 40 inches in



Color:               Banding pattern of yellow, white, or tan typically outlined

                          in black on a variable reddish-brown background. The

                          venter has a distinguished black and white checkered

                          pattern. The top of the head has a distinct "Y" shaped

                          marking sometimes appearing as a "V". Juveniles tend to

                          be more reddish in color than adults who appear more



Behavior:        Will vibrate tail rapidly in leaves to mimic the sound of a

                          rattlesnakes rattle, a behavior seen in many CT snakes.

                          When handled they emit an unpleasant smelling musk

                          and occasionally bite. Non-venomous, bite is harmless.


Habitat:           Occurs in a variety of habitats including wooded, rocky

                          and field habitats.  Common in and around farmlands.         


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