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Marbled Salamander    

Ambystoma opacum

Commonly Confused Native Species:


  • Often Not Confused with other Species



Size:                  A stout and medium sized salamander measuring 2.5 to

                           4.7 inches in length with a broad snout.           


Color:                The dorsum is black in coloration with white cross-bands

                           in males and grayish cross-bands in females.

                           Cross-bands begin at the head and run down the dorsum

                           and tail.  


Behavior:         When faced with predation adults raise their rear limbs

                           and lash their tails while releasing toxic secretions as a

                           predatory defense.  Marbled salamanders can be seen

                           crossing roads during fall rains while migrating to

                           breeding pools.   


Habitat:            Marbled salamanders are found across the state in

                          deciduous forest. Vernal pools are used for egg

                          deposition and larval development.  Breeding for marbled

                          salamanders occurs in the fall.    


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