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Smooth Greensnake   

Opheodrys vernalis

State Listing: Special Concern

Commonly Confused Native Species:


  • Often Not Confused with other Species



Size:                  A small sized snake measuring 12 to 25 inches in length.    

Color:                Smooth green snakes are a brilliantly colored snake with

                           a bright green dorsum and yellow to white venter.   The

                           chin is often yellow in color.  Smooth unkeeled scales.             

Behavior:         Relies on its cryptic coloration to avoid detection, once

                           detected they rapidly flee seeking cover in nearby

                           vegetation. When handled they emit an unpleasant

                           smelling musk, but seldom bite. Non-venomous, bite is



Habitat:            Prefers open canopy habitats, such as fields, meadows

                          and wetland edges.  


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