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Blue-spotted Salamander    

Ambystoma laterale Complex

Diploid: State Listing: Endangered

Complex: State Listing: Special Concern


Commonly Confused Native Species:




Size:                  A slender small to medium sized salamander measuring

                           2.5 to 4.5 inches in length with a narrow snout and

                           laterally flattened tail.  Diploid populations occur east of

                           the Connecticut river.


Color:                The dorsum is black in coloration with blue flecking

                           mostly concentrated on the legs, belly and tail.  The

                           venter is black in coloration with blue flecking.       


Behavior:         When faced with predation adults raise their tails while

                           releasing toxic secretions as a predatory defense.

                           Blue-spotted salamanders can be seen during the early

                           spring on rainy nights migrating to breeding pools.


Habitat:            Deciduous forest often associated with riparian wetlands.

                           Vernal pools are used for egg deposition and larval



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