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American Toad  

Bufo americanus 

Commonly Confused Native Species:







Size:                  A medium to large sized frog measuring 2 to 3.5 inches

                           in length.


Color:                The dorsum and legs vary in color from light brown to

                           grayish black and are scattered with tubercles; typically

                           one per pigmented spot. The venter is white with scatted

                           black markings.           


Behavior:         When encountered they may quickly flee or remain still

                           crouching down relying on their cryptic coloration for

                           protection.  When handled they often excrete urine and

                           may vocalize to express alarm and distress.  When

                           ingestion by predators is imminent they puff up and

                           excrete a distasteful toxin from their parotoid glands

                           located just behind their eyes, often causing the

                           would-be predator to release them. 


Habitat:            Common throughout the state in a variety of open and

                           closed canopy habitats.  Require aquatic habitats for egg

                           deposition and larval development.  Breeding habitats

                           are numerous, including seasonal pools, permanent

                           ponds, flood plains and meadows and man-made



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