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Gray Treefrog   

Hyla versicolor

Commonly Confused Native Species:







Size:                  A small to medium sized arboreal frog measuring 1.5 to

                           2.5 inches in length.


Color:                The dorsum is gray with irregular blotches of dark gray

                           pigment often etched in black.  Bright yellow to orange

                           patches on thighs can be seen during activity.   Distinct

                           suction cup toe pads on feet.  Newly metamorphed

                           individuals are greenish in color.          


Behavior:         Remain motionless, relying on their cryptic coloration as

                           their primary defense.  If detected they may flee quickly

                           exposing their brightly colored thighs startling would-be

                           predators.  When handled their skin emits a toxic

                           secretion; one should wash toxin off hands prior to

                           contacting eyes.          


Habitat:            Occur in a variety of habitats including deciduous

                          woodlands.  Require aquatic habitats for egg deposition

                          and larval development, preferring shrub swamps and

                          pools associated with woodlands and woodland edges.            


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