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Spring Peeper   

Pseudacris crucifer

Commonly Confused Native Species:






Size:                  A small arboreal frog measuring 0.8 to 2 inches in length.


Color:                The dorsum is light brown with a distinct dark brown

                           X-shaped marking that is often broken up.  The venter is

                           a whitish-cream color.  Each eye is surrounded by a dark

                           patch.  There are small suction cup toe pads on the feet.         

Behavior:         Spring peepers rely on their cryptic coloration for

                           protection against predators.  If detected they are quick to

                           flee, seeking refuge in nearby vegetation.  Spring

                           peepers can change color from lighter to darker to better

                           match substrate colors.         


Habitat:            Widespread across the state in a variety of moist habitats

                           including forested, shrubby and grassy areas.   Breeding

                           habitats are numerous, including vernal pools,

                           permanent ponds, forested flood plains, wet meadows

                           and man-made impoundments.     




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