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Northern Leopard Frog   

Rana pipiens

State Listing: Special Concern

Commonly Confused Native Species:




Size:                  A medium sized frog measuring 2 to 3 inches in length.


Color:                The dorsum is green to brown in color with irregularly

                           distributed brown circles surrounded by bright halos

                           of green or white. The venter is pure white.  Can be

                           distinguished from the pickerel frog by its circular, not

                           square, brown markings and its white thighs and groin.               

Behavior:         When encountered leopard  frogs may freeze in place

                           crouching low to the ground relying on their cryptic

                           coloration to conceal their presence against the

                           background vegetation.  If concealment does not work

                           they are quick to flee often in a rapid zigzagging pattern.          

Habitat:            Leopard frogs occur in open habitats often associated

                           with the floodplains of large river systems.  A few

                           populations occur along lake edges.    


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