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Timber Rattlesnake   

Crotalus horridus

State Listing: Endangered




Size:                  A large sized snake measuring 30 to 60 inches in length.


Color:                Variable dorsal pattern of dark bands on a black, brown or

                           yellow background. The venter is light yellow in color.

                           There are two distinct color morphs the black phase and

                           yellow phase. There is a distinct heat sensitive pit on

                           each side of the triangular-shaped head between the

                           nostril and eye and a distinct rattle at the tip of the tail.

                           Keeled scales.             


Behavior:         Typically remains still to avoid detection. Occasionally will

                           announce their presence by rattling their tails.


Habitat:            Open and closed canopy habitats within steep rocky



Commonly Confused Native Species:


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