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Eastern Hog-nosed Snake   

Heterodon platirhinos

State Listing: Special Concern



Size:                   A medium sized snake measuring 1.5 to 2.5 feet in



Color:                 Variable in color and pattern.  Individuals with no pattern

                            are solid black to gray. Patterned individuals have

                            orange, yellow, or tan banding on variable backgrounds

                            of black, gray, or tan.  They have a distinct upturn rostral

                            scale, keeled scales, and a predominantly yellow venter.


Behavior:          Hog-nosed snakes are fossorial in nature, spending a

                            good amount of time underground in small mammal

                            burrows.   Defensive behaviors are highly varied, ranging

                            from hissing to widening their necks to false biting. 

                            If all else fails hog-nosed snakes take defensive

                            behaviors a step further by feigning death. 


Habitat:             Hog-nosed snakes prefer dry habitats including open

                            fields and shrub habitats often within close proximity to

                            forested habitats.   




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