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Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog   

Rana kauffeldi         

State Listing: Under Review

Commonly Confused Native Species:






Size:                  A medium sized frog measuring 2 to 3 inches in length.


Color:                Dull olive green to brown  background coloration with

                           small dark brown to black spots. They have fewer spots

                           than the northern leopard frog. The femoral reticula

                           pattern is distinctly dark versus the light femoral reticula

                           of the northern leopard frog.  The dark reticula is is the

                           most reliable field character.             


Behavior:         When encountered Atlantic coast leopard  frogs may

                          freeze in place crouching low to the ground relying on their

                          cryptic coloration to conceal their presence against the

                           background vegetation.  If concealment does not work

                           they are quick to flee, often with a few quick jumps prior to

                           freezing in place.          

Habitat:            Atlantic coast Leopard frogs occur in open or partially

                          canopied wetland habitats often associated with extensive

                          floodplain systems.  There are currently only two known

                          populations of this newly described species in



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